Monday, May 11, 2015

Introducing...The Imagination Box...Read, Write, Create, Imagine With Butterflies!

What is the Imagination Box?    The Imagination Box is a themed literacy box filled with reading, writing, and creating supplies to complement Project Based Learning.  It is a colorful box filled with surprises that will spark the imagination and creativity of your students and create a learning environment based on the answer to the question, “What can I do with the contents of this box?”

When is the Imagination Box used?  The Imagination Box can be used for early finishers, team building, cooperative learning time, as a Daily 5 option, or as a reward for a hard week’s work. The Imagination Box is a great Formative Assessment tool and can be used with your students Individual Educational Plans and as an alternative to traditional education.  It is designed to be used individually or with a small group.

What is inside the Imagination Box?  The box includes:

·         New paperback book to complement the box’s theme;

·         Original, themed lessons in report protectors that can copied multiple times;

·         QR Codes to view, read, write about and enjoy;

·         New, colorful, decorated Banker Box with handles and lid;

·         Do’s and Don’ts Directions and Evaluation forms;

·          Large, plastic, reusable bowl filled with supplies;

·         Plastic supply box including markers, pencils, scissors, and glue stick;

·         Drawstring bag with puzzle;

·         Notebooks;

·         Themed paper including themed shaped paper;

·         Beads, pipe cleaners, paper plates, coffee filters;

·         Wands;

·         Card making supplies;

·         Folder with writing shapes;

·         Stickers;

·         Many surprises!

Who is the Imagination Box for?  Grades 2-6 will enjoy this box the most though younger grades can enjoy it with teacher support.

How much is the Imagination Box?  Each Imagination Box is $45 which INCLUDES shipping/handling.

How will the Imagination Box be shipped?  The Imagination Box will be carefully packed into a new cardboard box and sent via USPS, Standard Mail.  Once your order is received your package will ship the very next day!

This Imagination Box can be used over and over.  Though some supplies will unfortunately run out, please feel free to make copies of the lessons and sheets to make the box last and last.

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