Saturday, December 29, 2012

Setting Daily Goals Detective Style

With the approach of the new year I thought that it should be goal setting time in the third grade.  I like setting daily goals in my classroom and like to write 5 goals for each day everyday.  It keeps me and my kiddos on track and they become really aware of what we hope to accomplish together.  I created a detective goal chart and I'd love to share with all of you.  I plan on taking it to my favorite Walgreens and having it made into a poster.  I will laminate it and write 5 goals on it each day.  As the school year progresses I hope that my kiddos help ME write the goals; a small project where we work together to goal set and write.  Snag your copy below.  I hope you enjoy it.  P.S.  Melonheadz Illustrating, my dear friend Nikki, created the cutie detectives!

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  1. Hi there Linda!I love your goal-setting idea. We set daily goals verbally at morning meeting time, but I like a visual as well. Thanks for sharing!

    I am so happy to have found you! We are practically neighbors as far as the bloggy world goes! I'm in Macomb close to Partridge Creek if you are familiar with the area. I think we should organize a meet-up sometime!

    I love your adorable blog! I'm going to head over and check out your shop too!

    Keep in touch!

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