Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sweet Gift for Any Occasion

"The best gifts are free!  Love one another!"

I wanted to start out the new year with a great idea that I do every year for Christmas.  It doesn't have to be just for Christmas, though.  I've thought about doing this gift for Valentine's Day as well.  What says love more than a sentimental message from an unknown person.  Such a sweet treat!

I have my students put their names on the top of a piece of paper.  I do the same.  (I have come to realize that the sweetest gift my students give me are their thoughts!)  Then collect.  Tell your students that they will be writing a sentence or two about the person whose name they are given.  It must be a positive sentence or two telling about the kind of person he/she is or something that they do well.  Remind them that this is a secret; no one is to tell each other that they got their paper.  When the rules are understood redistribute the papers.  Each student should have a classmates name, ne3ver their own.  The students have a few minutes to write a sentence or two.  Do NOT have them write their name.  When they have all completed this task pick up the papers and redistribute.  I do this about 5 times.  Then I collect the papers.  I create a bookmark for them with just the quotes from their peers and I hang them on the Christmas tree.  I give each student a special book and their bookmark for their Christmas present.  It is a magical moment when they come into the room and see their bookmark with so many wonderful sentences about them.  It almost makes me cry...such pure thoughts.  I have attached some samples.  As for the bookmarks I just make a text box on word, print, add stickers and laminate...done!  Hope you like this project as much as I do.  Have a wonderful start to the new year everyone.
Love and peace,

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