Saturday, February 16, 2013

So Much To Do (So Little Time)...

Where does the time go?  I remember those days when I was a little girl and had nothing to do all day.  I mean...nothing!  I could play with my brothers or my neighbor across the street but I remember being on my really super cool merry-go-round that my favorite grandpa made me and my brothers.  I'd go around and around on that thing for hours and hours, or so it seemed, dreaming, looking at the clouds, singing to myself.  It was indeed cherished times now that I look back.  I wish somehow I could have bottles those hours and put them in a bottle called Use When You're Old.  Then I could just grab a handful of hours and use them in todays crazy world.  Oh well...looking back, though, those are the moments I cherish most.  They were the simple times when I truly was a kid and truly sat and thought and dreamed.  Yes, I dreamed of being a teacher and being a wife and being a mommy.  My Lord was so good to me and gave me all three.

Speaking of children, a few years ago I came across a book called Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers.  It's the true story of a little girl named Grace Bedell who wrote to Mr. Lincoln about growing out whiskers to win the Presidential election.  Mr. Lincoln actually wrote her back, much to the laughter of her older brother who teased her and said that Mr. Lincoln was too busy to write her back.  He took her suggestion, growing whiskers, to heart and when his train came through Grace's town, after the election that won him the presidency, they met.  It was such a great story that I decided to write a friendly letter lesson using the Presidents of the United States.  My fabulous third graders drew president's names from my mystery hat and wrote letters to the president they chose.  Most of the presidents are no longer with us but I had them do research about their president and then write their friendly letter based on questions or comments they found out about each.  Check out my little old store for Dear Mr. President... and the book Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers for some great reading and writing. 
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