Sunday, March 3, 2013

Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath (With a Great Book!)...

Have you seen Nikki's adorable, cutie clipart called Splish Splash??  Awhile back I ALMOST talked my darling principal into getting a tub, yup, a real claw-foot tub for myclassroom.  I kept telling her how great it would be for reading.  I could see it in my mind:  tub filled with fun pillows, and the words "Soaking in a Good Book" written on the side with lots of bubbles drawn on the sides.  It ALMOST happened.  It didn't for two reasons:  one because I couldn't find a tub that was under $200 and in my neck of the woods, and two, the insurance man wouldn't have thought favorably about it.  So...I got myself a park bench, made a sign called Park and Read and created a mini-park area for reading.  It looks great and is comfy.  It has lots of pillows and is a great place to take your shoes off and grab a book.  I'm rambling aren't I??!!  Anyway...I haven't forgotten about the Soakin' Up a Great Book idea and when I saw Nikki's bundle just had to do something with it.  Taaadaaa...My latest creation is a book report entitled Soakin' up a Great Book.  It has 5 pages of fill in's for books reports and I'm gonna start using it next week.  I wrote it with the thought that not all 5 pages needed to be filled in.  I wanted a more comprehensive look at my kiddos favorite book.  I wanted them to dig a bit deeper and look at the words; the richness of the vocabulary choices and spy a few things:  similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia.  I wanted to know if they would change anything in the book.  I wanted them to look at the characters and sort them by flat and round characters so I created something that I think will truly work.  I'll give you a summary when they are complete.  If you are interested in taking a peek at it here's the link:  Thanks for taking a look....let me know what you think.  Here's to some great reading and writing!
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