Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's the Little Things....

"...Life is too short to be anything but happy!"'

I'm SO happy today!  First, it's a lot cooler.  Second, I found a few things for my classroom at Dollar Tree and Target.  Third, I just downloaded Casey Abram's new album (Get Out is currently on the radio) and it makes me so happy, Fourth, my Daily Five class starts tomorrow and I spent some time in school getting ready for it.  I realized how the simple things really make me so happy.

I found these cute little plastic bins at Dollar Tree. I'll be putting math prompts in them each day. My students will glue them into their new math journals and solve the prompt. I will have a note on the board to indicate how these prompts will be solved: individually, twosomes or perhaps small group depending on the prompt. Love the little bin and the design on the journals. Take a peek...
(I got the fabo font at )

Find the Casey Abrams CD at and itunes.  Join him on Facebook too!  So cool...okay, okay, I'm done talking about the CD ...did I mention it's go great especially if you like upbeat Jazzy music:)...okay, okay, I'm finally done!

Don't forget about my 'lil old sale at Teachers Pay Teachers; 15% off through tomorrow:   Have a great night everyone.


  1. Love your blog...the math bin idea is one I'll be taking and running with. Thanks! I'm your newest follower. Stop by and visit me at my blog: Nikki:)

  2. I love stopping in the Dollar Tree to see what new things have popped up. At the end of last school year, I had to start giving away some of my bins because I had so many. I have a not-so-secret obsession with plastic containers. ;)

    I really got into the AI season that Casey was on. I cried when he was done (don't tell anyone).

    I'm your newest follower. Stop by my blog sometime. :)

    ★ First-Graders from Outer Space ★

  3. I love your math prompt bin! Lettering Delights is addictive! =)

    Heather's Heart