Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The New School Year Makes me Giddy...

"...happiness is found in the little things...take a look around you...what is it that you see?  There's someone who makes those little things possible...BELIEVE!" ~ anonymous

Amen...thank you my Lord for watching out for me and truly knowing what is right for me.  I am blessed.

I am an extremely blessed teacher.  Sometimes when things get challenging both in and out of the classroom it's hard to realize those blessings but ultimately I know that I am loved and cared for.  Nothing makes me happier than the start of a new school year.  The signs of school are in the air all around me and I'm a nut about new crayons, new notebooks, and all those crazy fun baskets I just think I need to have.  My head goes crazy with the promise of a new year, all those new, fun ideas and of course creating a room that will invite my thirdsters in!  I took a few pics of some things I'm working on in my room...what do you think??!!

 My new wind chimes from Menards for my Daily Five!  I love the stand and of course the sunflower.
 My new listening and writing area along with my new writing board made from that write-on contact paper.
 This is my writing center and my Word Work area...the cheap shelves compliments of Walmart!
My little park and read area.  Got the "fake tree" from the local St. Vincent store.  The fun orange watering will be a Word Work game...A Sprinkling of Words. 
Like I said...I'm loving the prep work for the new year.  Thanks for all your inspiration my teacher/blogger friends.


  1. I love your Park and Read area!! Where did you get the bench?
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I got my bench at Menards. I do lots of shopping there! I know you can get them at Home Depot as well. I'm looking for some grass carpet. My students get to take their shoes off when they sit on the bench. I'm looking for carpet that looks like grass; not just the turf. Any ideas?