Monday, July 2, 2012

There's Always Something to be Thankful For...

" it's cold outside..." ~Dean Martin (I'm hoping by typing it that it will come true!)

The entire Midwest is under a heat wave and it makes us all a little testy for sure!  Today was a day to there really anything good about today because it's Soooo hot!  The answer is always's time to help others, take in the cool air in your house, grab a good book or clean that area that you've been neglecting, talk to people on the phone, create some fun things for your classroom, text some of your best buds, and wait for the cool air (AND RAIN) to come in.  We appreciate things only when we don't have them.  Great lessons learned.  I had the opportunity to do a little shopping at my favorite store Dollar Tree today and take in their cool, cool air.  I picked up some wire baskets that I'll be putting in the middle of my new fabo hexagon tables.  I decided that each table will have a basket of extras...pencils, erasers, crayons.  Each table is going to be called some catchy name based on the colors...any suggestions??!!  I thought I'd show you what I purchased!
I also finished my milk crate seats in the super cool of my house...thanks Pinterest!  They were fun and easy to make and yes, yes, yes, Home Depot really does cut your plywood for you (and if you're a goon like me even does some measuring and suggesting!!)  Check this out:
Today was a hot day:  a day to create, shop, read, talk, and thank God for all my blessings!

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